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A beautiful girl. Intimidates most because they cannot even compare to her beauty, intelligence, and talent. Loves deeper than most, which is why she only has a few close friends, yet those friends are friends for life. Her intelligence surpasses most and her ability to express her thoughts and feelings through words make you shutter at her accuracy, if you can read between her lines of metaphors. A girl that inspires you to be more, learn more, and accomplish your dreams. A muse.
by idontknowwhattotypeheresothere February 05, 2010
1. She may look sweet and inocent but this girl is bad ass. She is always the life of the party, so don't turn down any invites if you know Cynde's is going to be there. But don't let this deceive you, Cynde has a heart of gold.

2. Cynde: The correct spelling of Cindy
Girl: You won't believe what I did last night. I challenged Dan to a chugging contest and totaly kicked his ass!

Guy: Dude, that is so Cynde
by hot as hell February 03, 2010
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