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A extremely crappy airsoft brand. Guns are lucky to even last a week. Though they seem to be getting better with their LPEG's (Low Powered Electric Gun)
Crapping Your Money Away.
by Kenny! February 27, 2005
Very cheap shitty airsoft manufacture.Most airsoft guns last only a few seconds before breaking,which makes them cheap shit and they are not worth buying.
1st guy:I bought a CYMA Shotgun and it broke while shooting it.

Other guy:Man,those cyma shotguns are nothing but cheap shit!,i told you to buy the Gold AK-47 combat rifle.

1st guy:How the hell was i supposed to know?.

by latino14 August 01, 2010
A very crappy brand of airsoft gun. They are inaccurate, low powered, and not durable. The lemon rate is something like 1 out of 10. Those who get even a good one will complain that they break within the first month of use.
Don't waste your money on them.
CYMA = Crapping Your Money Away
CYMA = Crap You Must Avoid
by Abhorsen88 September 26, 2006
a "brand" of airsoft guns that are synonomous with crap
I bought a CYMA airsoft gun and it was a piece of shit.

I have taken shits that would be better to use in an airsoft battle.
by FOREVER MAN April 09, 2007

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