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A portmanteau of the words "cyber" and "sarcasm" which defines those moments in which sarcasm is lost in virtual communication (instant messaging, Facebook messages, text messages, etc) due to the inability of giving the subtle tonal indication with one's voice about whether or not a statement is serious.


Someone who is "cycastic" takes advantage of this weakness by stating things that could be construed either as truthful or sarcastic, usually as a way of being tentative in their conversations if they are shy, but also occasionally to purposely mess with a person's mind.

When cycasm has created an intellectual chasm, in which one of the persons involved in virtual conversation is on the opposite side of the sarcastic genius, the word "cychasm" can be used as a variation to simple cycasm.
Johnny: "I totally bombed that presentation today."
Mark: "Really? I thought it was sick!"
Johnny: "Is that cycasm?"
Mark: "No catching you in the cychasm."
Johnny: "You're too cycastic for your own good."
by Vega421 December 06, 2010
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