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Were a person who cant pronounce R's so they say it funny
owww, CWAP!
by Sex October 04, 2003
38 8
What Homestar says to try and copy Strong Bad.
"Hey cwapface! Blow it out yur eawr!"
by TheWiggidy October 12, 2003
18 8
1) pronounciation of the word crap with the r as a w. often used in reference to video games and/ or d&d/ magick cards
"hey simon what are you gunna read us today"
"a comparaison of darkness and evil exempwified by many diffewent stages of metwoid pwime in which samus awan is the hewo"
"did you remember your script?
"oh Cwap!"
by ben_spector February 03, 2005
10 5
little kids trying to copy kids copying kids...
kid1~OH SHIT!!
kid2~OH CRAP!!
kid3~Oh cwap...
by my@sshurtz October 08, 2003
6 11