A contraction of cute and beautifull. pertaining to both traits. an affectionate pet name regarding someone whose innocence and well being harmonize together in perfect unity.
Michelle's daughter is really Cute-iful!
by Craig Forrester May 14, 2007
Top Definition
(K`yoo-tih-full) Common alternate spelling of cutiful. A person who is cute, with a beautiful personality. Often innocent and widley liked by peers.
Sam took Britney to a carnival for Valentines Day. They are so cuteiful.
Jenifer started crying when she saw the guy she liked hook up with another girl. It would have been annoying except that she is undeniabley cuteiful.
by WestCoastLisa January 22, 2006
Having or possessing certain desireable traits that would make somebody cute and beautiful simultaneously.
Josh looked at Danielle and told her she was cuteiful.

God dam Danielle is cuteiful.

Can you believe how cuteiful Danielle is?
by Long Rod Van Hujendong September 06, 2009
Cuteiful (cute-i-full) means that you're beautiful and cute at the same time. It can describe your crush, gf/bf or anyone that you think is truly cuteiful!
I am cuteiful

You are cuteiful

We are cuteiful!
by iluffhellokitty April 08, 2011
When a boy is so cute it's the equivalent to a girl being amazingly beautiful .
Stephen Jerzak is amazingly cuteiful :]
by TaterFlowerSalad October 22, 2010

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