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Synonym: Plagiarize
To do as a last minute effort before assignments are due. Usually done by dumb people or people that go to "Matto Sports High"
Dude, I worked on my assignment for 3 and a half hours!
Friend: Dude, 4 words, Cut 'n' Paste!
by Psuedonym Man May 21, 2009

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A style or form that's taken straight from the books, how-to-do guides, or from another person(s) with no difference or alteration.

Usually referring to (but not limited to) art styles, most often in the form of the typical anime style.

"That girl's got such a cut-n-paste anime style; her style looks just like all the pictures in the 'How to Draw Manga' book."

"Your fashion sense is so cut-n-paste."
by Knickinator March 06, 2010