To trim or shave the pubic hair
I told that nigga he betta cut the grass if he expec' ME to suck on hiz thing, cause otherwise I can't see it

You mama aint cut the grass in so long she can braid her pussy hairs
by dru hill August 11, 2006
What your dad was always yelling at you to do growing up, whatever it means.
I thought I told you to cut the fucking grass!
by PeaTearGriffin August 19, 2005
An expression used to describe an event that made a large negative impact, with other smaller events often leading up to it.
When she told me I had to wear a woolly hat during sex, it really cut the grass and I told her to fuck off.

They put me on hold for 45 minutes only to tell me I had to contact a different department. That just cut the grass and I decided to change suppliers.
by Shmueliyahu October 14, 2010
To take a shortcut, particularly by walking across an indefinite path.
We won't be late for Alpha Dog if we cut the grass!
by My Peacoat's Too Small January 22, 2007
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