Someone who when you look at them, you wanna knee yourself in the face, because they do something unmeasurably dirty/stupid/and or fag.
Random Person: "Did you just see Age? He just ran across the lockers while throwing plastic knives at people!"
Andy: "What a cust!"
by Age is damn sexy December 28, 2005
Top Definition
To bust a nut while doing nothing but cuddling.

Cuddle Busting.

Cuddle + Bust = Cust.
Petey cuddled with Judy last night and he custed.
by Jack Cust October 05, 2007
Cust New Zealand, The incest capital of the world
"Bro don't go to cust with your cousin, shits gonna get weird"
by Q-Daddy xxo May 16, 2016
Someone so disgusting that you can't even look at him/her. A raging, cheating whore that shouldn't be let out of the house.
I can't believe she cheats on her boyfriend every weekend! She's such a cust!
by simbabambi April 09, 2011
to be in a state of laziness. to sit in one spot until you literally form a hard outer layer
"im really tired tonight, lets just sit around and cust."

"all you do is sit around watching porn, you're so custy!"
by andi72 December 24, 2009
The unpleasant tasting saliva discharged after smoking marijuana or poppers which usually results in "pasties".
"Man, I had so much cust in my mouth after smoking that dirty popper".
by slacker121234 October 01, 2009
a sexy beast from southern ontario, who loves crust
ali is so custy, because she loves crust
by geno mandick February 05, 2009
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