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Words that are used for cussy-type events, like "cussing", "swearing", "dropping the cuss off at the pool" and so-forth.
Teacher: "Can anybody use a noun that rhymes with the word 'Talk' in a sentence...? Yes--Little Johnny?"
Little Johnny: "Teacher, should I be concerned that I repeatedly fall back on cussy words as my "schtick", whereas I could instead be colorfully exploring the English language, and perhaps paying better attention in class as well? I want people to take me seriously, and some deep soul-searching has led me to the conclusion that I need to act more as a role model for my fellow students and less like an attention whore."
Teacher: "Well, Johnny. This is very unexpected, but I'm pleased to see you've seen the li--"
Little Johnny: "Just kidding, beeyotch. Shove that chalk up your ass and get bent."
by amateurmetheus September 26, 2009

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