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To wank oneself or to be wanked by someone else to the cusp of having an orgasm but stopping short of ejaculation. May be performed several times over and over before allowing orgasmic release of one's cum load. Cusping may be performed to enhance or extend sexual play or may be used as a form of BDSM play involving dominance and submissive roles. May also be referred to as Edging in the porn and fetish industries.
Roger's girlfriend enjoyed giving him a good wanking. She especially enjoyed cusping Roger from several good solid wanks that were stopped short before building him up to an explosive, orgasmic milking.
by Harry Klam May 12, 2015
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When yourself or a sexual partner wraps their thumb and index finger around the base of your bellend i.e. 'the Cusp' and motions a wanking movement.
"she's fucking wicked butt, gimme a right old fucking cusping!"

"just had a nice lil' 1on1 cusping session, tidy!"
by The-L-Dog September 01, 2009

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