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To cup a person whos sleeping. To humiliate whilst at events.
Cuppage cannot be said, it has to be done!
by GameOn Milky June 12, 2006
7 4
Cuppage is the coming together of friends to pay the host a fee, which then allows him (or her) to book a place to play football.
GSB: Is Cuppage on Friday after school?
Conor: Yes, David has the teams.

by EpicJobby March 17, 2009
33 7
A girl whom you may not have seen recently, now sporting enlarged chesticles.
Wow, did you see heather at the reunion? I don't remember her sporting such cuppage.
by Eugene Walnut February 02, 2009
9 3
To cup ones balls with your palm in the shape of a ... well cup. Just as if to use your hand as a sports cup. Can often be used in Rape/verbal harassment. (Thanx Austin.)
Ohh that chris got some major cuppage on that grab.
by Wetback Willy(Parrish) March 11, 2005
13 14