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Cuppage is the coming together of friends to pay the host a fee, which then allows him (or her) to book a place to play football.
GSB: Is Cuppage on Friday after school?
Conor: Yes, David has the teams.

by EpicJobby March 17, 2009
A girl whom you may not have seen recently, now sporting enlarged chesticles.
Wow, did you see heather at the reunion? I don't remember her sporting such cuppage.
by Eugene Walnut February 02, 2009
To cup a person whos sleeping. To humiliate whilst at events.
Cuppage cannot be said, it has to be done!
by GameOn Milky June 12, 2006
To cup ones balls with your palm in the shape of a ... well cup. Just as if to use your hand as a sports cup. Can often be used in Rape/verbal harassment. (Thanx Austin.)
Ohh that chris got some major cuppage on that grab.
by Wetback Willy(Parrish) March 11, 2005

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