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Cupar is a town in the kingdom of fife situated between St Andrews and Glenrothes. The town was Built around Cupar Castle which seated the sheriff and was owned by the Earls Of Fife. Cupar's population is thought to around 9000 which make it the ninth largest settlement in Fife, it is a market town with regular farmers markets shutting off the main road every two weeks (a total pain in the arse!!). The Inhabitants are predominantly friendly but a little dim (see Window Lickers) for example - asking the question "where is the train station" will usually merit you an answer of "Wot!!!". The High Street in Cupar is very poor with an Argos shop being its main trading point, Basically Cupar Sucks.
I went to Cupar ...... It totally Sucks.
by Darkriver1611 July 02, 2011
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