A pussy willow tree. From an old piece of graffiti written in a public restroom: Country/Cuntree/Pussy plant/Fertilize!
Look at the buds on that cuntree over there. Looks like pussy hair!
by pentozali August 28, 2006
Top Definition
A name for tree which has a certain growth(s) in the bark of its trunk, which resemble the labia majora (outer lips) of a vagina (cunt). Derived from the melding of the words "cunt" and "tree".
"I say, that tree over there looks like it has a cunt! Haha! It is a 'cuntree!'"
by K. Routledge April 26, 2006
A tree with a hole that looks like a cunt.
Look at that cuntree over there!
by mike1979 May 20, 2005
A foul, sluttish, skanky female who has sex with others to further her own interests. May choose sexual partners whimsically with little thought to disease, and may be commonly found on street corners, rear seat of vehicles and naked with the spouse of people close to her.
That cuntree is at it again with the neighbor's son.
by Vegasvoice September 17, 2015
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