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Cuntometer (noun), Device for detecting cunts, example lawyers, politicians or estate agents. One holds the cuntometer in front of the target. If the target is a “cunt” then the device will show red, otherwise it shows green.
I met that sales guy from the estate agents yesterday, lucky I had my cuntometer, it showed red and I told him to f***k off and stick his beaujeu apartment up his ass.
by Dr Lingus November 06, 2008
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Rating system used by Cybershell13 in his Youtube videos that tells you how hard/annoying enemies and bosses are in Sonic the Hedgehog video games
Asteron got a whopping 42 on the Cunt-O-Meter, which makes him the King of Cunts
by rtv0587 July 06, 2009
The measured effect of a cunt on a social or business setting
God, the cuntometer hit 11 in the office today!
by Canadaone October 22, 2013

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