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A Cuntjob is someone that's fails at anything they try. Can mostly refer to assholes that pull dumbass or childish pranks. The female equivalent of Jerk-Off, but mostly refers to guys as they are the ones that do the most stupid shit. Can also refer to a way of getting a chick off.
He was such a fucking cuntjob that no one ever wanted to friends with his douchenozzling ass again.

I gave her the best cuntjob of her life and she's loved me ever since.
by Wickeddealer January 19, 2010
A person that has done a horrible job, or is in your face about something they know nothing about. Think about the acronym "C.U.N.T" (cant understand normal thinking) but as applied to a particular gesture or "job".
That fucking cunt job was in my face about what im doing.

Yeah, Joe/Sue doesn't know dick about how to do that, he/she is a cunt job.
by Kre8orofchaos March 15, 2009

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