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Someone who has nothing against race, creed or colour but loathes those who take advantage of, exploit, damage, threaten, bully, or act like idiots and behave like cunts.
I'm not a racist but I am most certainly a cuntist.
by URBANE November 04, 2015

"You fucking Cuntist."


"I am a Cuntist and my name is Crent."
Also usually Dentists.
"hi I am your Cuntist my name is crent, have a seat."
by crentist12 November 30, 2011
Hatred or intolerance of people from another country
Simonne: I hate those Russians
BJ: Don't be a racist
Simonne: Russia is a country not a race
BJ:Ok... don't be a cuntist!
by Bajayjay123456 November 24, 2010
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