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1. preference, inclination, favour or resounding passion for.

2. an altered state of mental or physical being.

3. a strange, interesting or disturbing occurance.

4. a happening or event.
1. A Star Wars fanatic:
- I have an absolute crent for Star Wars.

2a. Two mothers talking about a very hyperactive child:
- That child has a crent if I've ever seen one.

2b. A girl writhing getting stung by a swarm of wasps:
- That girl had such a crent on her or that girl was completely crented.

3. A beaver eating a rabbit:
- That was unbelievably crent, I've never seen anything quite that crent before.

4. A couple of guys talking about the previous night out on the town:
- Well I tell you, that was some serious crent going on there last night now, wasnt it?
by Crentmaster August 27, 2010
Money. Its means money alright.
"Ah man i can't buy any more of that shit i ain't got the crent."
by The Lads. October 20, 2004
Noun: Vaginal cheese; the female equivalent of smegma.
Man, that ho I went down on had bare crent.
by Christopher Uvana Karageorgis February 27, 2005

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