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Anything that is done in the style of a cunt. An item that is offensive, unhelpful, insulting, obstructive or demeaning. Best used in situations where use of the word cunt may result in harm to oneself, and the subject isn't intelligent enough to understand the implications (see example).
If a manager treats his staff badly he has a 'cuntional' management style, rather than him simply being called a cunt, thus reducing the likelyhood of being sacked.
by Doug Chaney December 16, 2004
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Done in the manner of a c*nt. Not supportive of others, often misleading. Useless, or mind-buggeringly stupid.
"cuntional specification"

– a useless specification that provokes resentment, frustration and, in extreme cases, resignations.
by Dr Snooks December 16, 2004

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