logically-impossible gerundive (verbal adjective) made from a noun cunt which makes a damn' good word
"Which one of you cunting fuckers said there were weapons of mass destruction in that one-horse fucking country?" - Tony Blair, Colin Powell, Jack Straw, et al., all looking at Donald Rumsfeld (George Bush was having difficulty counting the number of colours on the US flag at the time).

"Get that cunting iceberg out the fucking way!" - attributed to the Captain of the Titanic
by Dane Edwards July 03, 2003
Top Definition
When something is not working correctly
1)Gramps is cunting right now, we've been taking bong rips in his Jeep for hours and he still hasn't realized
2)dude, my printer is cunting right now
by Moscow Mark April 24, 2009
A term is applied to someone who is a cunt....This can apply to males or females.
Look at what your Cunting daughter just did,,,,,she has ruined everything.
by GS71 April 07, 2015
An intensifier; much like the word 'fucking'. Much more intense when used in proper context. However, unlike fucking, it cannot be used as a synonym for the act of fornication.
There hasn't been a good Sonic the Hedgehog game in over a Cunting decade!
by I hope Skrillex dies October 21, 2014
The activity of hunting cats wild or tame, especially for food or sport.
We saw Dave's dog out Cunting last night, that kitty sure could hustle.
by TheOface January 24, 2016
The act of being supremely contemptible in some way.
"Who the hell do you think you are? Take your cunting hands OFF my kid."
by C'est Logique September 25, 2011
The process by which heterosexual men gather in packs to identify and engage women with whom to have casual sex.
Check out those bitches over there dawg. Time to bust out the spears and go cunting.
by DTP4L4L April 25, 2009
Cunting is where a lad is being such a nobhead where he deserves to have his cock taken off and given a cunt instead.
"Omg that lad needs a cunting"
"Oh yeah he deserves a cunting"
by hujbjigyvjubkijgh May 05, 2014
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