When a bitch is on the prowl for dick!!
"Don't mess with that girl. She is straight up cunting."
by Kevin Gundred December 01, 2007
To gather with your male companions and engage in the pursuit of sexual intercourse with members of the opposite sex.
"Hey Jon! Let's get fucked up and go cunting tonight!"
by Matt and Jon June 21, 2007
to flash ones vagina in a mans face as a joke.
"Mary was on the chair when she lifted her dress in Mark's face, cunting him good."
by Marcus Smith May 13, 2007
To Go Hunting For A Pussy
My homeboy Ryan and hopped in our lowrider to go cunting
by straightedgesXexxx April 20, 2007
to do anything in a womanly way
woman on 4 by 4 - cant cunting drive
by ray December 10, 2003
on a mission to pull, make acquaintence with a person of female status.
"Ma, dinnit botha wi' me tea t'night, I'm off oot cunting"
by Bob Potts August 19, 2003
logically-impossible gerundive (verbal adjective) made from a noun cunt which makes a damn' good word
"Which one of you cunting fuckers said there were weapons of mass destruction in that one-horse fucking country?" - Tony Blair, Colin Powell, Jack Straw, et al., all looking at Donald Rumsfeld (George Bush was having difficulty counting the number of colours on the US flag at the time).

"Get that cunting iceberg out the fucking way!" - attributed to the Captain of the Titanic
by Dane Edwards July 03, 2003

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