To go to a party in search of grinding a girl. Often said among a horny male population.
Eric and I went cunting tonight.
by eetw43235 April 21, 2008
I. The act of being a cunt.

II. The ancient Fraternity art of seeking and plowing the cunt.
I. "Man, Cathy was cunting in full force last night, she cock-blocked about five guys."

II. "Since I'm an SAE, I haven't gotten laid in months. I need to go out cunting tonight."
by procax February 18, 2008
To gather with your male companions and engage in the pursuit of sexual intercourse with members of the opposite sex.
"Hey Jon! Let's get fucked up and go cunting tonight!"
by Matt and Jon June 21, 2007
to flash ones vagina in a mans face as a joke.
"Mary was on the chair when she lifted her dress in Mark's face, cunting him good."
by Marcus Smith May 13, 2007
To Go Hunting For A Pussy
My homeboy Ryan and hopped in our lowrider to go cunting
by straightedgesXexxx April 20, 2007
An angry outburst of pain. As in when asked why you are blood red and trying to bite your thumb off.
"I hit my thumb with that cunting hammer!"
by nikkeljoe January 06, 2006
to do anything in a womanly way
woman on 4 by 4 - cant cunting drive
by ray December 10, 2003

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