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From the classics of literature:

"Jay, you're my friend and all, but you better keep your damn cunthooks offa Daisy before you get shot to death in a swimming pool!"

F. Scott Fitzgerald, 'The Great Gatsby', 1st Edition published 1925 by Goatse and Sons, New York.
by Bob Goon June 11, 2003
person of limited intelligence with annoying personality traits
alvin baxter
by milner December 12, 2003
The index and middle fingers held up, palm towards your body -- indicating "hooking/pulling up into a vagina". . .
OR just a general vulgar reference to the fingers.
If he puts his dirty little cunt hooks anywhere NEAR my girlfriend, I'll break 'em right off!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada October 28, 2007
derogatory term for someone who is acting in an annoying or stupid manner. Twice as effective as just calling someone a cunt.
Get out of the way, cunt hooks!
You fucking cunt hook.
by snorky August 12, 2007
See atchpick. Literally, a device by which to ensnare a vagina.
Why you gotta be such a cunthook?
by Myron Schnitzel December 26, 2005
Kick in the genital area which can apply to males or females. Although considered to be the quintessential move to ending a cat fight between two female parties.
Paige dealt the final blow with a cunthook to Monique.
by mattlikesvodka July 24, 2009
Used to describe a man who is enthralled by a woman. Example: "She's got him by the cunthooks"
by Terry boughton May 02, 2003
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