A large and or scary looking woman who is rude, or "cunt-like" in nature
Yeah, she is pretty much a cuntasaurus rex for saying that to him.

That girl mean! Like a cuntasaurus rex
by npizzle March 09, 2009
when something does not gots ones way, this is a common term used to announce frustration to a person or inatimate objest or a video game, preferably Halo 3
Boom, Headshot!
WHy do u have to be a Cuntasaurus Rex
by Doomenic Doomificato February 11, 2008
A dumb bitch you can't stand and want to punch in the face every time you see them or even hear their name.
You are a cunta saurus rex
by beautifullybroken911 February 26, 2015
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