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A vagina that is unappealing(smelly, dirty, ugly, etc.) or contaminated with an STD.
Man Samantha's pussy is Cuntagious
by Hai January 06, 2005
45 12
A known cunt that effects those around him/her causing them to become cunts ie a contagious cunt.
I was fine until cuntagious cunt Des came over and got me in cuntish form.
by Dave Gal May 05, 2006
17 5
1. adj. When a cunt corrupts another innocent girl turning her into a cunt due to over exposure.

2. n. A disease infested cunt.
1. "Wow Amanda really has become a bitch after hanging out with sidney so much, sidney must be cuntagious."

2. "Man, you better hit up the clinic and get yo self check, I heard that bitch is cuntagious."
by Rasta pasta losta May 11, 2011
7 0
An unhealthy, ongoing disease when a female has a tendency to turn nice girls into bitches by becoming their friend leading to the nice girl becoming cuntagious
Guy: Are you hanging out with that bitch Laura??
Girl: Yes, why?
Guy: Be careful, she's cuntagious.
by Mr. Geeny-Us November 15, 2011
1 0
what a female STD is.
A yeast infection can be very cuntagious if not treated.
by dar ted April 13, 2006
5 7
Pronunciation: \ˈkənt\
Function: noun and an adjective

1. An adjective used to identify someone who is addicted to the 'cunt'. Mostly use during the Tiger Woods "balls scandal" where more than 10 women came forward with having an affair with the Pro Golfer.

2. A name used to designate a woman - who has this ability to manipulate a man by using her charm (i.e. cunt).
"He is a cuntagious man".
"Her middle name is cuntagious".
by July14 February 24, 2010
0 4