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Adjective used to describe a noun or pronoun.
Cunta (or Kunta) is a reference to Kunta Kinte and is used by a small but growing amount of online players to protest against too restrictive server rules* and server admins.

Kunta Kinte is the name of an African slave forced to work for his new owner. His rebellion against his chains is the image used to protest against the restrictive server rules and the free interpretation of these by some server admins.

The use of the word Cunta (or Kunta) is limited to the online PC gaming community but is expected to be used soon also on other online gaming platforms as PlayStation3 and Xbox360.

* Be aware that some server admins find the use of Cunta (or Kunta) offensive and may kick you from that server.
Since Cunta (or Kunta) can be used as an adjective to any nick, some examples may be: "Cunta Culun"; "Kunta Killer".
Some uses of the adjective Cinta or Kinta have also been spotted, but less frequently since its use is not related to the mentioned cause.
by Smays November 21, 2010
Someone who is an utter moron/arsehole/plank, but taken to a much higher level.

Can be used to describe one or more people but the common collective term is shower of cunta.
If that shower of cunta opens his mouth again I'll punch him right in the babymaker.
by shelbyfrootcake November 10, 2010
To be extremely dark-skinned and only noticable when your eyes are opened.
Damn its dark out here; we definately wont be able to see that cunta now.
by Darkymcdarkdark April 21, 2010
A hot weird guy named Jeremy.
He is such a hot mofo cunta.
by Alexandrea May 03, 2005