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When a girl knowingly, or unknowingly mouthes off resulting in a fist to the cunt.
"That stupid bitch wouldn't shut her mouth so I cunt punched her."
by Jumbotron June 21, 2007
A term used for when a person (usually male) punches a woman in the genitals until either internal swelling or some form of submission is involved. The female version of a kick in the balls, though since women don't have balls, the punches are far more aggressive to compensate the pain threshold handicap.
That bitch deserves a proper cunt punch
by Crazybobbles March 12, 2007
The name of the act of dropping on the knees and uppercutting the vagina. It bends the clitoris while also traumatizing the tender area near the labia.
"Marlene slapped me, so I dropped on my knees and cunt punched that pendeja."
by Boy Blue September 06, 2008
to throw an uppercut punch to a womans vagina.
I wanted to cuntpunch that stupid bitch for what she said.
by QP November 24, 2006
When a woman's vagina is kicked punched or slapped during physical altercation.
You better watch out for those dirty Delta Gamma girls!!!! They fight dirty and may give you the old "Cunt Punch"

My sorority sister knocked me out with a "Cunt Punch!!" To the kootchie!!
by Boydsta00798033 April 26, 2013
To fire you fist violently between a womans leg, possibly forcing your whole fist into her vagina causing a massive popping sound.
"OMG Chewat just cuntpunched Laura"
"I know, the pop could be heard for miles"
by LeeDeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee February 06, 2010
When a girl has a "tsunami" of an orgasm after having such a bad yeast infection that her vaginal fluids actually fermented. The fluid is called Cunt Punch.
1." At first i was turned off by the stench of Scotts sister rotted crotch, but then I got drunk off her cunt punch so I didn't care anymore"
2."I knew it would smell like decaying tuna when I went down on Scott's sister, but when afterwards, I got drunk off her cunt punt, so it's all cool."
3."Man, I knew Scott's sister would queef up a storm when I fucked her, but I didn't expect cunt punch!"
by Fried Donut February 11, 2006