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When one female or male blocks another female from getting hers.

When one female prevents another female from getting her "sexy on" or prevents her from sexualy advanceing with another.

Can be done by accident but is rarely so.
"Gal, why did you have to come up her and stand next to me and start chatting with him while I was chatting with him? You just cunt blocked me from my game."

"Hey, You blocked my cock so now I am cunt blocking you."
by ~Ink aka Fantasy September 29, 2006
The reverse of "cocked blocked".

When a friend or person prevents a female from hooking up with a potential mate or engaging in sexual activities with that special someone. Usually done on purpose by a male friend or person who is interested in her that will go to extreme lengths to prevent one from hooking up or getting some. Can be done by accident, but usually not likely.

"He knew I was gettin my "sexy on" with him...I can't believe he just cunt blocked me!"

"She cocked blocked I cunt blocked her."
by ~Ink aka Fantasy September 29, 2006
basically its when a girl is dying to get with a dude and her dumbass bitch of a friend comes up and tells the dude to watch out cause she has the HIV (insert STD here).
"Man Johnny was looking good last night and then bitch ass Sara Ann comes up and tells him that I am great in bed but to watch out for my anal warts. That bitch just cunt blocked me."
by M. Sullivan January 26, 2008
Some would say this is WORSE than the infamous cock-block. This is when you're about to hook up with some broad, and her friends pull her away because they "want to go dance" or, "want to go to another bar".
"Dude, I was probably going to take that chick home and slam her if it wasn't for her stupid-ass friends cunt-blocking me!"
by The Stain July 09, 2006
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