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The act of kicking one in the cunt.
To kick a person with a vagina in the vagina.
lawl i just cunt punted that bitch.

lol did you see that cody just cunt punt that travis!

Aye bro lets go cunt punting!
ok dawg let me grab my cleats!
by Kan you jerk May 28, 2009
24 6
Having Vaginal Intercourse
Sticking a penis or dildo into a cunt
Rob: I stuck my dick into that hot chicks cunt

Steve: Oh nice!!! you cuntpunted that chick

Rob: Why, yes i suppose i was cuntpunting her!

Steve: Yes cuntpunting is a much better word than fucking
by crazy-dodo 33 January 07, 2009
3 8