A term usually used in Military applications, and often abbreviated to just CH (or Charlie-Hotel in phonetics.) Is is often looked upon as the second smallest possible unit of measurement outside of Scientific applications, the smallest being a Red Cunt Hair (RCH/Romeo-Charlie-Hotel.)

It holds no exact translation into either the US Standard or the Metric Systems, and is an extremely variable term. The closest possible definition is: an approximation of an extremely small increment.
"Sergeant! Please move that Bradley over, just a CH though."

"Holy Shit! I just caught one in the plate! Had that been a Cunt Hair over to the left, I'd be a dead man, Sir!"
by Gunther Gewehr November 20, 2011
Top Definition
The second smallest unit of measurement.

See: CH and RCH
Move it a CH to the right and it will be perfect!
by snabald July 13, 2003
A unit of Measure that means small, but actual Value depends on Application
Presion machinist says "I need to shave a cunt hair off this part" .0001 inch
Carpenter Says "I need to bang that stud a cunt hair to the left" .25 inch
Astronmer says That Astroid missed the planet by a cunt hair" 60,000 miles
by Sitazencain July 31, 2008
a term meaning "by a small margin"
"that mufucka is a cunt hair away from get a bullet in his fucking head"
by tonyV August 12, 2006
Smallest unit of measurement used in everyday American construction industry
It's a cunthair off level/plumb/square etc.
Take and cut a cunthair off this 2x4.
by Englethrope B Squeebe December 28, 2007
a miniscule unit of measuremen (used alot in military).
however there are different sizes of cunt hairs. thickest to thinest-1. black cunt hair 2. brown cunt hair 3. blond cunt hair 4. underage blond cunt hair.
1. can you move it just a cunt hair more over?
2. turn the music down a cunt hair.
by Spike Dammit November 14, 2009
A cunt hair is also used as a very small unit of measurement.
Turn the bass down just a cunt hair.
by Ian Chode February 22, 2004
what you have to pick out of your teeth after performing oral sex on a brillo pad
I was spitting cunt hairs for hours after I went down on her pubes
by Jake February 20, 2004
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