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A common occurrence of hazing perpetuated by US Marines assigned to helicopter squadrons against one and other. A Marine is tackled to the ground while other Marines jump on top forming a stack. Usually the largest Marine is the last one to jump on top high above from a table of other platform. Occurrences of stacking are much more common on deployment but sometimes stacking wars can erupt between shops at home. Flight Line is by far the most notorious stacking shop. A smart Marine from another shop will always check the ground for any taped silhouettes of human figures as stepping on one of these will get you stacked in a heart beat.
Stacked (USMC) We sent our new nugget down to flight line to get a stack of 6114's ha ha, they stacked the shit out of him.
#usmc #stacking #marines #hmla #hmm #hmh
by ziggytpp November 04, 2011
A degree issued by a por-profit university that has a reputation for delivering a non-rigorous, accelerated, substandard education while charging an exorbitant amount of tuition and fees to students that in many cases would otherwise not be prepared to attend a traditional college or university.
His high school GPA was 1.5, but he was immediately accepted into AIU online. He finished his bachelor’s degree in 26 months and graduated with a 3.95 GPA Magma Cum Laude with student loan balances totaling over $50,000. Employers only laugh and make fun of his McDegree.
#for-profit college #devry #university of phoenix #itt tech #aiu
by ziggytpp October 10, 2011
The smallest unit of measure used for all applications during Marine Corps Recruit Training.
no more than a cunt hair of space allowed
#boot camp #marines #unit of measure #cunt #hair
by ziggytpp November 04, 2011
referring to President Obama's fiscal deficit spending and economic stimulus polices being in much greater proportions than former President George W. Bush's in which federal spending and the public debt of the United States grew substancially during his tenure.
Man, and I thought a $500 billion dollar budget deficit was nuts during the Bush administration. Under Obama it's 1.5 TRILLION !!! He's out-Bushing Bush.
#george bush #barack obama #federal spending #u.s. debt #stimulus
by ziggytpp October 10, 2011
A retarded and extremely annoying chant by fans of The University of Kansas sports teams which is an embarrassment to themselves and the rest of the Big 12 conference.
Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU.
#annoying #jayhawks #kansas #retarded chant #ku
by ziggytpp October 10, 2011
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