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An alternative way of saying "Funny Cunt". By switching the first letters of each word one does not actually have to say the word "cunt".
LOL, you're such a cunny funt.
by Cunny Funt July 05, 2003
An easy to say funny cunt without the need to say the word cunt. (best used in classroom situations, or places where bad language is not accepted)
when someone mke fun of you or makes a bad attempt to make fun of you, you say..
Yeah ur a cunny-funt
by TheCat May 09, 2003
cunnyfunt is a word you use infront of your parents to your siblings, or to your parents in front of siblings, or to your parents infront of friends.
mother: and the sheep said ''moooo''
by Rachael Exton January 02, 2006
a cunnyfunt is basically the same as a funny cunt.
Bry: Kat is such a cunnyfunt
Kay: Lol yeh u mean ratface
Bry: yeh mate
Kay: yeh too right shes the queen of cunnyfunts
by bob March 14, 2005
A silent fart from the vagina.
Guys, I just did a cunny funt.
by scabbylips December 15, 2015
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