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A Cunkle or pronounced CunKel, is a over sized, chubby Vagina.
1. Cor Blimey, that girl I did last night had a proper cunkle.

2. You can see her Cunkle through her jeans. Chubby minx

3. her Cunkle was like a wizards sleeve made of 4 inch thick steaks

4. She has Cankles, so so she probably has a Cunkle
by R. Dodd April 25, 2013
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cunkle is the action that occurs when your knuckles force your nails into the side of a womens vagina, colon, etc. This typically happens while fisting.
Shit Steve, you just cunkled the shit out of my judy, said Suzanne.
by seekerSeekerSeeker December 04, 2006
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