A thick, pungent yeasty paste that is commonly excreted from a vagina. Most often used in a derogatory manner - as an insult.
"You, sir, are one filthy cunge."

"Only a dirty cunge-munger would do a thing like that".

"We got into it on Saturday after we'd been for a run. Things got kinda sticky, but it wasn't til I pulled my fingers out that I could see they were coated with cunge."
by Turdy Barrelnuts April 20, 2010
Top Definition
noun. The mixture of male and female ejaculate inside a woman directly following intercourse.
.....a huge gob of cunge flops out of her.....
by Lord Necromonicon June 15, 2009
Any object used to sop up the flow of objectionable menstrual fluid from a woman's vagina. In short, a sponge for a cunt.
"Hey baby, that pile of your old cunges in the corner is getting pretty big."
by caniswalensis June 19, 2006
A mixture of the words cunt and flange, derogatory comment.
you fucking cunge!
by Carcer January 28, 2004
Female sex organ; pussy.
Ahhh, if I could only get into Vicky's beautiful cunge!
by pentozali May 10, 2009
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