another word for dickbag, balls, scrotum, or testicles.
"Stop being such a cuncbag!"
by Conor H. August 09, 2008
Top Definition
A word that so far has no meaning at all. Generally used as an insult similar to douchbag. The word is most commonly used on G4TV's Attack of the show and this is possibally where it originated.
Rocker1337: haha I killed you
Dude34: OMG! you are such a cuncbag!
by Greg. R July 30, 2008
one of G4's Attack of the Show's bad words that can be uncensored as it is not a real bad word.
guy 1: you are a cuncbag
guy 2: i would get mad..but that isnt even a real insult
by Ozai August 06, 2008
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