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When someone on the internet gets really excited and wishes to put many exclamation marks, they sometimes let go of shift before the number 1, making their comment !!!!!!!!111. This practice has evolved to where people now put the written word "one" on the end creating this: !!!!111oneone
guy 1: did you hear? halo 4 is coming out!
guy 2: really?!?! i HAFTA have it!!11oneone
by Ozai August 06, 2008
one of G4's Attack of the Show's bad words that can be uncensored as it is not a real bad word.
guy 1: you are a cuncbag
guy 2: i would get mad..but that isnt even a real insult
by Ozai August 06, 2008
the bestest of the betterest of best and better.

usually used as an end to a "better" fight
guy 1: im good
guy 2: im better
guy 1: im best!
guy 2: im betterest!!
guy 1: im bestest!!!
guy 2: im bestterest!!!!
guy 1: damnit!!!!!.....
by Ozai August 06, 2008
abbreviation for the term: Oh my sweet baby Jesus!
*Guy asks girl out over the internets

girl: omsbj! hellz yea!
by Ozai August 06, 2008
in rock, paper, scissors, a move sometimes considered cheating. it is the act of holding the middle and index finger slightly curled which gives the player a chance to turn into a rock, or scissors, effectively beating any move the opponent makes
man 1: oh yea! i win!
man 2: man..whatever! you totally eagle taloned me!
by Ozai August 06, 2008

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