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A combination of the words Cum & Dumpster. A girl that loves to have her orifices drenched with Seminal Fluids. The term generally entails a virally infected whore - or at the very least, a special type of girl.
Jane is such a cumpster that her periods ooze white.
by Charles Forester June 23, 2009
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A female "cum dumpster." A slutty woman who can not last more than 3 days without ingesting cum. see also "Costco Bukkake" and "Cupcakke."
Jen, the cumpster, fucked 4 Italian guys in 3 different holes last night. She loves being showered in cum. She IS a dumpster. The Cumpster.
by BigmuffDiver April 06, 2011
1) a contraction for 'cum dumpster'
2) a person willing to be used as a sex object
3) a whore, tramp, floozy, slut, bimbo, etc.
Knowing that Gerald was drunk and amywinehoused, that cum'pster, Barbara, seduced him into sleeping with her.
by Mr. Yamagatorisake September 30, 2007
A person so disguctingly obsessed with cum, that they are practically a dumping place for anyone who needs to get a load off.
She is such a fucking cumpster, i heard 6 guys let go on her chin last night.
by Ted Freddinson April 29, 2009
A cum dumpster. One who loves jizz. Used more generally, a slut.
I can't believe Clayton married that cumpster.
by twfitcwh November 19, 2011
A cum dumpster or slut.
A slut or "harlet" can often to reffered to a a cumpster or cumster.
by qwertyuioiuytrew June 02, 2010
A contraction of the phrase, "cum dumpster."

Also known as the hard drive where all the porn is stored.

Also known as Lopez
Dude that last 40 gigabytes filled up the cumpster
by Thor Heyerdahl March 12, 2004

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