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Pronounced {kuhm-pruh-mahyz}
noun, verb, -mised, -mising

1. a settlement of affairs reached through somebody cumming on something, with the 'something' usually being a person.

1. the act of settling a disagreement by cumming on somebody or something.
Mitch: Hey Phil, your mom and I had a disagreement last night about who got to be on top.
Phil: Okay... why are you telling me this?
Mitch: I just wanted you to know we eventually came to a cumpromise, and it was fantastic! I gave in and let her ride me and it was sooo good that we both cumpromised in 10 minutes! Awesome eh!
Phil: But I thought you said you were going to take care of Jeff's mom last night?
Mitch: Yea I did, but I'll tell you about that once she's walking again...
by Pure_Awesome January 14, 2011
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