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When one party compliments the other on their ejaculation. Both male and female.

Usually in regards to taste, volume, texture or distance projected. Generally occurs post intercourse
or oral sex. May also occur in a medical environment. (see example 3)
1 - (after oral sex) "Wow, your spunk tastes fantastic, so light and refreshing!"

"Thank you for the cumpliment."

2 - (Post ejaculation) "I have never seen so much jizz, it's like geyser just erupted

in your pants"

This is an indirect cumpliment

3- (Doctor) "Mr Johnson your sperm count is well about average, congratulations on your virility"

"Cheers for the cumpliment doc"
#cumliment #cum #cockliment #sex #jizz #ejaculation
by Mr. Drake October 26, 2013
A powerful orgasm or ejaculation perceived as a sexual compliment by the person who administered the sexual stimulation resulting in said orgasm
"You made me cum so hard!"
"I'll take that as a cumpliment"
#compliment #cum #cumplimented #came #cumplimentor
by emilydotbug April 16, 2014
A compliment that is derogatory and/or sexually suggestive.
Him: Did he just call you banging? Seriously!?
Her: Yeah he did, it's quite the cumpliment.
#compliment #sexual #sexually #suggestive #banging #derogatory
by Keydose March 27, 2015
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