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Cumfetti is a verb/noun
The act of throwing confetti in the air while simultaneously cumming after a blowjob or during sex. This is ideal for party situations and very very happy birthdays. Celebrate your life the Cumfetti way.
I got the best blowjob ever!
how do you know?
The cumfetti was everywhere in 2 minutes!

I cumfetti'd all over her and made her pick up the pieces of paper afterwards.
by Pienese! November 26, 2010
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Synonym for the act of ejaculating, a codeword used easily in public because it sounds so much like confetti. Verb, present tense.
I just knew I was about to cumfetti all over her face, but I couldn't help it.
by Nortegirl123 September 26, 2009
When 3 or more people "spooge" simultaniously.
"D00d me and your twin sisters made sweet cumfetti all over your mom's face it was truely epic lulz."
by patrick fuhken williams April 07, 2008
The little bits of tissue stuck to your penis after masturbating.
I prefer to jizz in a sock instead of tissue because I don't want to clean up the cumfetti.
by Harry Tipper August 31, 2012

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