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Sexual Nirvana: The point of extreme sexual satisfaction and/or gratification which leaves you unable to speak properly, think clearly, or function correctly in even the simplest of tasks. (Eg: Talking is impossible, as you are left staring blankly into nothingness.)

The State of mind that you are left-in after experiencing the MOST INTENSE ORGASMIC BLISS.
Someone who is 'Cum-Dumb' could very easily walk right off a cliff without even noticing because all they can think about is their intense orgasm, and nothing of potential dangers around them.

Someone who is 'Cum-Dumb' should NOT operate heavy machinery, or drive any sort of vehicle, etc.
by MeTarded August 06, 2007
The feeling you get after an orgasm, that impares your ability to think and move.
Whitney - "Did you like that?"
Chadwick - "Uhh cream of corn."
Whitney - "WTF"
Chadwick - "Sorry.. cum dumb."
by AZ_boy December 03, 2008
Temporary lack of focus after orgasm
After sex, she asked me if I was hungry but I was too cumdumb to understand.
by Nugget1 August 10, 2009
The stuper a woman is in shortly after an orgasm rendering her useless.
She tried to answer the phone after I sastified her but she was so cum dumb she couldn't form a sentance.
by z28 owner21 March 18, 2011
After several orgasms the brain begins to lose cognitive abilities.
Hey babe, do you know where you left the car?

Nawww... I'm cum dumb.
by handles Gent October 22, 2014
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