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Sexual Nirvana: The point of extreme sexual satisfaction and/or gratification which leaves you unable to speak properly, think clearly, or function correctly in even the simplest of tasks. (Eg: Talking is impossible, as you are left staring blankly into nothingness.)

The State of mind that you are left-in after experiencing the MOST INTENSE ORGASMIC BLISS.
Someone who is 'Cum-Dumb' could very easily walk right off a cliff without even noticing because all they can think about is their intense orgasm, and nothing of potential dangers around them.

Someone who is 'Cum-Dumb' should NOT operate heavy machinery, or drive any sort of vehicle, etc.
by MeTarded August 06, 2007
53 7
The feeling you get after an orgasm, that impares your ability to think and move.
Whitney - "Did you like that?"
Chadwick - "Uhh cream of corn."
Whitney - "WTF"
Chadwick - "Sorry.. cum dumb."
by AZ_boy December 03, 2008
25 8
The stuper a woman is in shortly after an orgasm rendering her useless.
She tried to answer the phone after I sastified her but she was so cum dumb she couldn't form a sentance.
by z28 owner21 March 18, 2011
7 2
Temporary lack of focus after orgasm
After sex, she asked me if I was hungry but I was too cumdumb to understand.
by Nugget1 August 10, 2009
6 1