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When one is done beating their cock, a guy usually explodes his load into toilet paper. Thus, making it a cum wad!
John: I came so much last night.
Friend: Who did you fuck?
John: Nobody I came in some toilet paper and threw that cum wad into the trash can.
by Jerk-off Pro December 30, 2011
a tissue, Kleenex, article or clothing, towling or other peice of material used for cleaning ejactulation from ones body, or for ejactulating directly onto.
The cumwad was full after I sprayed my joy juice into it.
by Smacktard July 23, 2003
A nickname used for someone who is particularly a giant wad of cum.
Shaya is such a cumwad.
by billy10 August 21, 2010
like a spitwad only with cum and you shoot it at your girlfriend's face.
Dude, Sandy has a massive cumwad on her face.
by Dorian Grey June 18, 2006
A cum-wad is a grouping of cum, usually from a single cum-blast, but may also be an accumulated amount of cum that has already hit its target.
Shortly after I picked up my date, I noticed that I had a cum wad on my fly that I had neglected to wipe off.
by theJeremiah July 03, 2005
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