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The act of ejaculating onto a Boxing Glove or similar item, and then punching either yourself or someone else in the face.
"I gave Ashley a black eye when I hit her with a cum punch last night."
by 5aq June 29, 2012
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The mystical art of Punching your girl (generally in the kidneys from a Doggy Style position) just as you and/or her are about to cum.
John : How did it go with that hot girl last night mate?
Jim : Yeah I fucked the shit out of her, and right before climax, I gave her the old Cum Punch.
John: Ha ha, never fails mate! Yeah your Mum likes that shit too.
Jim : Oh Dad, I dont wanna know that!
by O'Badboy March 31, 2009
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When you jack off behind an unsuspecting victim on a long escalator, then cum up into the air and as it comes down punch through the air snagging the cum on ur hand and punch the person in the back of the head.(precise aim and timing is required)
Person 1: Dude why is there a sticky bruise on the back of your head?
Person 2: Fuck! Man on the way home from work some motherfucker cum-punched me!
Person 1: Sucks for u bitch! LMAO
by a very ninja black guy March 09, 2009
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1. To Brutally Assult someone using a single attack to their face with a closed fist.
2. To Sexually Assult someone in a manner where after they have been given a facial you smack them across the mouth.
1. Woah! after Dan told Kaitlin she was p.m.s'ing she cumpuched him.
2. Kaitlin:Dan why did u cumpunch me
Dan: 'Cause u a Stupid Ho.
by Eric Hamm October 03, 2006
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