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Refers to a balled up cum filled tissue on the floor or in the trash and is generally stuck in a fashion that gives it two ears and a small body. Originates from masturbating into a tissue and carelessly throwing it away.
“Hey man can you at least try and pick up these CUM BUNNIES?”

“My mom’s coming over today and I don’t want her slippin’ on any of these CUM BUNNIES”

“Thanks for leaving CUM BUNNY in the bathroom yesterday.”

"If someone doesn't start cleaning soon, we'll have a family of CUM BUNNIES grazing the carpet."
by L Clock August 01, 2009
A pretty girl who through some mixture of cluelessness, being otnay ootay ightbray, naivete, or low self-esteem, really believes that it's a terrible thing for a guy to get aroused and not cum, and therefore can easily be pressured into doing something about it. Most guys won't clue them in for obvious reasons, and they tend to have few girlfriends to tell them because other girls won't hang out with someone that slutty. When some kind person finally does tell them, they're usually angry for a couple years!
Monique the Slut in the early years of SinFest was pretty much just a cum bunny.

Guy: Can I kiss you goodnight?
CB: Oh, sure.
Guy (after groping her during the kiss): Oh, god, that was so hot.
CB: Uh, yeah, I have to be at work early --
Guy: You can't leave me like this, not after that hot kiss you gave me and letting me touch you that way!
CB: Oh, well, look, can I just give you a hand job? I'll take my top off.

(Two minutes after he leaves ... guy on cell phone to friend): Dude, you weren't kidding! She tried to get rid of me with a hand job and I told her she was killing me so she sucked.

Cum Bunny (sobbing alone in room): I don't know what's wrong with me! I get guys all turned on all the time! Why can't I control myself!?
by passerthru October 28, 2007
A woman that you use for sexual purposes. Sexual use must include capacity to leave ejaculated semen inside of her body.
Baby, I'm gonna make you my little cum bunny. ......Oh, oh, uunnnggh!!!
by Pinche Cagon November 08, 2007
1. A young girl, generally of illegal age or barely of legal age, who is cute but also has some quality or qualities about her that make her sexually stimulating. 2. A young nymphet that a man would love to cum all over on a daily basis.
That little cum bunny loves to play house with her little girlfriends. I'd love to play house with her, take her to my bedroom and keep her there for some daily slow jizz fizzes.
by Slo Joe Jizz August 20, 2010
A woman that has the ability to have alot of orgasms. I'm talking every 1-2 mins of thrusting without clit stimulation.
Man I miss my ex girlfriend. She would cum before me that cum bunny.
by mikeymike7373 July 10, 2008
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