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An interesting insult! It i means that you are a douche bag, or a jerk. Its usually used by friends to throw another off his game. They focus in on the word used and forget what they are even talking about.

A more literal term of course is a waffle filled with male ejaculation.
"Dude your a fucking cum waffle." (Reaction) "Wtf? did you just call me a cum waffle?"

Mission complete.
by Dortez October 27, 2007
When a group of males stand around a waffle and whack it. Whoever splooges last has the honor of eating this delicious salty waffle.
Oh man. Cum waffles ruined my night last night.
by shiionmadii February 02, 2011
A rather douchy douchebag, also known as colin
Did you hear that colin is a MAJOOORRRR cumwaffle???
by jamessss12342 August 21, 2008