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When someone becomes so sexually frustrated that they become full of cum.
Jenny: I feel like a cum pot, I really need to get some.

Kevin: I think I can help you out with that!
by J Lynn April 10, 2008
1. A ceramic container used for storing male ejaculate.

2. One who exhibits qualities like that of a ceramic container used for storing male ejaculate.

3. A person who unintentionally and unknowingly interferes with the plans or ambitions of another by redirecting the attention of a third party.

4. A disparaging term for a male homosexual.

5. One who is particularly fertile.

6. One who smells like a ceramic container used for storing male ejaculate.

7. A disparaging term for a woman who frequently performs fellatio on one or more male sex partners.
"Hand over that cumpot, I'll be needing it in a minute."

"That cumpot is always catching cum in his mouth."

Max: "So, you commin' over or what?"
Ben: "Well, Dan wanted us to hang out with him today..."
Max: "Fuck that kid! He's a cumpot!"

"That cumpot is always sucking off other cumpots."

"That guy fathered, like, fifteen kids. He's a real cumpot."

"Jesus Christ Ben, every time you come in the house, it smells like a fucking' cumpot. Go take a fucking shower, you filthy fucking cocksucker."

"That girl's a filthy cumpot. She probably has AIDS; stay away from her."
by Fuck Shit Piss August 11, 2007
excessive bulge above the womens vagina
check out that cum pot
by lance May 23, 2004