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5 Percenter (Nation of Gods and Earths) lingo for 40. As used in the infamous Wu-Tang 7th Chamber skit on Enter The 36 Chambers album by Ghostface. The number 4 is equal to culture and the number 0 is equal to cypher (as in a circle which is a full 360 degrees cypher). Disregard the other definitions of Culture Cypher on here as they are completely inaccurate.
"I'm comin to get my culture cypher god"

Not 40 oz. bottle of beer, he means his glock 40 as he first said his boy just got shot in the head.

"I let the culture-culture bust"
-Nas on "New York" refering to his .44
by TheRealMonk January 26, 2011
Wu Lingo In that 7th Chamber joint; Needs Citation
" I was comin through to get my culture cypher god!" - Ghostface Killa
by Big MIAK January 27, 2008
your group of friends. the crew you roll with.
"im coming to get my culture cypher, god."
by DougCL February 12, 2008
New York/ Wu-Tang slang for a cigarette.
Word is bond, I'm comin to get my Culture Cypher, god
by Leroy B March 03, 2008
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