Noun. Meaning the best at whatever you are doing, really "on top of things".
Man 1: So I was banging your wife and she made me call her your name and then she gooed viscous clam chowder all over my face and the sheets.
Man 2: Man, Cully rules.
Man 1: Yeah, totally. Cully rules.
Antonyms: Grobot
by Susie's Son July 25, 2007
Top Definition
Little friend

Used mostly to be sarcastic and is used mainly in Northern English and Scottish speak.
Allo, my cully, you gonna come roun' t' my 'ouse after the match?

And you, my cully, 'll be dead by the time I finished wi' you!
by Armorist February 01, 2006
a bird from the book The Once and Future King
he is a goshawk used for hunting.

goshawk-a hawk of northern forests that has a long tail and short wings and is noted for its powerful flight and vigor
Kay insisted on carrying Cully, the goshawk, and flying her, when they went hawking together.

(Hawking- to hunt birds by means of a trained hawk)
by T.H. White November 18, 2007
a northern english word often used to describe a male with a very small penis often very similair to a childs
Dude that is one cully penis, why is it so small?
by sgrd August 19, 2009
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