used by gang members meaning their "cuz" or cousin, someone who is close to you, or a family member, never used by white folkz
ramin: yo waddap cuHHH
chris: aye yo cuh, nothing much cuH just chillin
ramin: thats tight cuHhHHH
chris: shiiiiiiiiii CuHhHHHh
by Chris November 24, 2003
Top Definition
1.Cuzz; short for cousin. Used to refer to a person as your friend/homie. Commonly used among southern gangster/ghetto individuals.

2. Word used by members of gangs Crips, and Folk nation, talking to another member.
1.Yo, what's up, Cuh?
2.Yo, cuh. We need to buss a cap in these slobz.
by Kirk March 17, 2004
Cuh is someone you can relate to on a "street" level. Similar to cousin, in that it can represent your cousin or someone of that type of close-knit relationship. However, it should not be used with those you are not familiar with or theirs a high percentage chance that you'll get murked.
1. "Yall better watch yo self cuh because yo shit is broke as hell mayne."
2. Q: "Wass good cuh?" A: "Same Dawww, thats straight cuh."
by LivinEZin651 January 01, 2007
The word "cuh" is a derivative of the word "friend." The word first originated as the word "friend," then over the years it became "brother." It then became "bro," then "cousin." Soon after, the word became "cuz," then inevitably became "cuh." It's almost as if the entire word spoken in full became too much for some people to say, so laziness took over and the word was shortened. I suppose the next phase will be simply, "c." Another version of the word may as well be "unc" which is short for "uncle."
"Yo cuh, my Moms is havin' a bbq, wanna come ova?"
by Miker94 November 04, 2009
home skillet biscuit aka best friend
whats up cuh??
by crackerjack12345 May 08, 2009
Used mainly by privileged white sketchbags. Short form for cousin, but used for bro, bruh, homie, stupid shit like that.
Person: yo cuh hook me up

Person 2: don't call me cuh we're both white and it's weird man
by ernahhhhhhhh November 05, 2014
A name for someone that is really close to you. White people say it , and also gang members. Its like a "home skillet biscuit" as some would say.. or as others would say "homie" or maybe normal people "best friend?"
Yo Cuh, Whats Up?
Shoo Cuh, I'm About to Pop A Balloon.
Cuh, No way.
by LindsAnn June 22, 2010
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