Mostly girls

Kind of scene kid who says they like a band after only hearing one song. U11ally buy CDs and only listen to the one one or two songs, mostly the popular ones.

Can be seen at shows, sitting around, with a bored look on their face, until the band plays the song thats most popular.
short, fat and/or chubby, short hair that is most likely dyed and spiked, piercings, alot of make up, cut up band t-shirts
by some myspace kid June 01, 2005
used by gang members meaning their "cuz" or cousin, someone who is close to you, or a family member, never used by white folkz
ramin: yo waddap cuHHH
chris: aye yo cuh, nothing much cuH just chillin
ramin: thats tight cuHhHHH
chris: shiiiiiiiiii CuHhHHHh
by Chris November 24, 2003
To disregard what someone has to say

can also be used silently as a hand gesture by rounding hand in the letter "C" formation.
" I'm star material because everyone says i just have that certain aurora around me"

immediate response:


C <- hand gesture
by ditaluver September 28, 2011
cousin, cuz, someone who is close to you or your cousin,
used by gang members, known as the CRIPS they call each other "cuh"
ramin: ey waddap cuHHH
chris: AYE YO CUH, nm cuH chillin
ramin: that's tight cuH
chris: yea cuHHhhhHHHH
by C-dogg November 23, 2003
A friend, a person you just met and they where very kool,or person you've known for a while and just forgot their name
What up Cuh! Ay Cuh!
by Yesinia Hernandez October 30, 2006
yo mamma's brotha's or sista's daughta or son's title shortened
im finna see my cuh bo-bo
by shaquana July 21, 2003
a way to show an emotion when placed with another word
Ex. shiiii cuhhhh
by shanana July 21, 2003

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