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A bear of the name of cugy aka Thomas Coggrave - A stressy little girl
cugy bear likes men more than women
by Timmers January 26, 2004
1 0
A term used to keep manipulationg women away from innocent bears!No offence hannah:-P
" dats my cugy bear"
by ben January 19, 2004
4 3
Summat used by a boyfriend's mates to make his girlfriend qestion his sexuality
Mate-who-will-remain nameless: Keep your hands off my Cugy Bear!!!!!!
by Cugy's Girlfreind January 18, 2004
1 2
wat sum of my mates like to call me, even when theyre not drunk. god their silly
Ben : I love my cugy bear
Ben : Allrite cugy, hows u?
by the man himself : Cugy Bear January 17, 2004
2 8